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Amazing Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Hair

28 Mar 2019

Hair is a beautiful asset of a woman. Everyone around would surely notice a woman with shiny, blowy, and lustrous hair. Therefore, it is necessary to give them an abundance of love and care. You might want to know that flaxseed oil offers incredible benefits for your hair.

Let us know what constitutes flaxseed oil & what it has to offer good health to your hair.

·       Omega-3 and omega-4 fatty acids & essential vitamins offer great hair growth.

·       It helps to get rid of dandruff or flakiness from the scalp.

·       Make your hair shiny and full of luster.

For Hair Growth

·       Flaxseed oil promotes hair growth. Apply the oil directly on the roots for better results.

·       It consists of Vitamin E & its strong anti-oxidants rejuvenate damaged hair & promote hair growth. It improves blood flow, which adds shine and luster.

·       Flaxseed oil prevents excessive oil production & regulates the pH level of the scalp.

·       One of the best sources of hair conditioning & great for people struggling with dry hair or split ends.

Follow this recipe to offer good health to your hair:


·       Put 2 tsp of flaxseed oil in a small bowl.

·       Heat the oil until warm.

·       Massage your head with the oil for 15 minutes in circular motions using your fingers.

·       Dip a towel into hot water & wrap your hair with it.

·       Leave it for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes

·       Remove the towel and apply shampoo.

·       Do this thrice a week.

·       The hot towel would allow the flaxseed oil to transfer the nutrients into the hair roots & offer great nourishment and hair growth.

Final Thoughts

Hair growth is slow at times. Follow homemade treatments to take care of your hair & combat common hair issues. Always choose naturally derived ingredients for your skin, hair, and body. Visit R&H and find your favorite product.  


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