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Five Reasons to Use Skin Care Products with Natural Ingredients

28 Mar 2019

According to a study by Environmental Working Group, women on an average use 168 chemicals on their skin/body every day. With this amount of chemicals involved in regular beauty routines, no wonder people wish to switch to natural ingredients. Products infused with natural ingredients offer many advantages for our body, skin, well-being, and the environment.

Let us understand how naturally developed beauty products help you achieve better skin.

Peace of Mind

When it comes to skincare, we don’t know what’s safe and what’s not. Not all chemicals are good for your skin and people buy products relying on the hope that it ‘might be safe’. However, ‘might be safe’ isn’t very encouraging. Switch to products with natural ingredients that would offer you a peace of mind, which can’t be obtained otherwise from chemical infused products.

Better Skin

Natural ingredients clear up breakouts, soothe irritations, protect from sun damage, and more. For example, Spirulina, also called cyanobacteria contains anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to slow down signs of aging and detoxify the skin.

Better Body


Though our skin provides a protective barrier to keep dangerous compounds at bay, some chemicals can still sneak past and be absorbed in our bloodstream. It may also affect our immune system; therefore, always use naturally derived products.

Better For the Environment

If the chemicals used in beauty products badly affect our skin and body, imagine what impact they put on the environment. In addition, such beauty products require ingredients like petroleum and lead. The mining is affecting miles of land in places like Amazon, and ingredients like aluminum have increased chances of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, the naturally derived products have their ingredients handpicked from the wild recesses of nature without harming the flora or the fauna.

Avoid Irritants

Chemicals in the beauty products work against the skin as naturally derived products do, which leads to breakout, redness, irritation, and allergic reaction. Natural skincare products are more welcoming to your skin. 

Final Thoughts

Using naturally derived products for your skin is always the right thing to do. Divert your mind from the chemical beauty products and go natural with R&H


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