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Our Traditional Roots

19 Feb 2020

“Love thy skin because we treasure it"

Rejuvenate, and Hydrate belongs to those traditional roots that we treasure in the present time. Ayurveda is the oldest approach towards health, which embraces the balance of your lifestyle, skincare, and health.


R & H defines a new vogue for those looking for Ayurveda authenticity blended with Contemporary Science. We have evolved comprehending that there is no better remedy for the skin other than age-old Ayurveda techniques.


Discover Your Natural Beauty


Rejuvenate & Hydrate, R & H is based on the philosophy of purifying the nurture of your skin by selecting each ingredient enchanting the natural glow.

Our excellent combination of skin-life extension reverses the process of wrinkles & ageing while restoring hydration for healthy and blushing skin.


To generate a sterling range of skincare products, we craft ancient wisdom with modern elegance.


Today, we have reshaped ourselves into an exclusive skincare brand, whose secret lies in the ancient science of Ayurveda, archaic beauty & skincare rituals—brought to you after years of speculation & cloying research.


We Care For Your Skin


We live in an era where it has become quintessential to care for our delicate skin each day with perseverance. Our vision is to dedicate our techniques to protect your skin.


Each day, our lives inundate with dirt, pollution, and chemicals from the surrounding, which has put a grave impact on our face & body. To alter the ramifications of these environmental changes on our skin, R & H visions to spread exquisite skincare products to every corner of the world. 


Even though using makeup is a marvellous tool to hide flaws, blemishes, and wrinkles but only as an effect of a mask. But that is not a permanent solution to your skin needs. We know, and our scientists have researched that to maintain your magnificent beauty health, substantive care is necessary.


R&H gives you naturally derived skincare products formulated to save your skin from toxic & harmful elements suspended in the environment. To erase each fragment of dirt, we have brilliantly formulated our products for a smooth touch. 


Our products could raise your spirits to give you timeless skin care, beauty, & bathing routine. Our purest essential ingredients are pounded with a luxurious bathing ritual to bestow lavishing experience.


Our Originality


R & H is an authentic & trustable skincare brand, which promises the highest standards of credibility and beauty. Our products are made of purest ingredients, extracted from the wild recesses of nature. We have the perfect fusion of ancient recipes & modern technology that gives an enchanting experience of Ayurveda.


R & H is the new vogue that stimulates the five senses (Panch Indriyan). The natural ingredients ignite your positive aura while the stimulating texture allows the product to infuse deeper in the skin.


Lastly, the stimulating fragrance would give you an authentic experience of lush green forests. We emphasize perfection, efficacy, pleasure, and sensorial experience. 

Feel the new you with our skincare brand



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