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Rang Barse….With Gulaal!!!

03 Mar 2020

“Enchanting Spirit of Red”

Colors are sensations of the traditional festival of Holi in India. Searching for the true meaning of colors in Indian tradition, you need to remember the ethnicity, the traditions, and India’s cultural rituals. 

Ancient India is bejewelled in the positive spirit of colors. Any remembrance of historical India is incomplete without the Gulaal. In other words, Red is the color of passion, a color of enthusiasm, a color of courage

The Color Red Touches the Traditional Roots of India

The color red, also known as Gulaal, has much symbolism in traditional India. The roots of the color have been part of ancient history. 

1.    Red defines Purity: all the colors carry different meanings to life. Red is one color that means purity. It is used in every wedding event and has been a symbol of new beginnings, good faith, and good luck. 

2.    Red defines Sensuality: the colors commemorates the passion and ignite between two individuals. It beholds the traditional value of fertility. 

3.    Red defines Love: as the heart and the blood is red, the colors of love are also red, deeply rooted in every individual. 

4.    Red defines Victory: the color red ignites the spirits and passion within, making the fierce to triumph any war. 

5.    Red defines Power: lastly, the color define power. The power every ruler, back in the historical times, connects to the color red. 

The Ayurveda Symbolism of the Color Red

Colors play an important role in the ancient Ayurveda to cultivate balance among mind-body-soul. In ancient Ayurveda, Gulaal or the color red defines energy, passion, compassion, high spirits, and enthusiasm. It is a color that represents courage, boldness, heroism, and braveness. 

In the ancient Ayurveda, the color red is used to heal the Dosha of any individual. Firstly, it escalates the metabolism of humans with vibrancy. Secondly, it ignites the passion for life and lastly, it is used to heal early-onset and core depression. 

As we conclude, the color red symbolizes fire in Ayurveda, helping to stimulate blood circulation. The color red provokes the harmony of the body. 

The Rejuvenate & Hydrate Connection with the Color Red

Rejuvenate & Hydrate is an exclusive Ayurveda skincare brand for modern times. Our confined product editions are carefully crafted by using natural ingredients with modern science. Ayurveda has proved its importance and essence in skincare. 

Red, for Rejuvenate & Hydrate, symbolizes the mystical rose fragrance that enchants the 5 senses of the body. The aroma of rose is so effective that it deeply affects the aura of a person. 

When you are taking a spa, the petals of the rose are spread in the water to add the scent to your meditating mind, balancing the inner you. 

Red defines the aura and Rejuvenate & Hydrate brand has carefully used the rose petals in our Holi edition skincare products. Explore to re-live the beauty & passion. 

Go spirited with Gulaal

Gulaal is the traditional jewel of all the colors of the Holi festival. One cannot play Holi without scattering the color red (Gulaal). So when it is Holi, you squeeze the color red in your hands and apply it all over your face and hair. 

Re-ignite your passion with Rejuvenate & Hydrate and gift yourself our special enchanting spirit of Red- Rose Apricot and Tea Tree Oil Soap.


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