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Rang Barse….With Traditional Beads of Yellow

04 Mar 2020

Traditional Beads of Yellow

There is only one word that defines the color yellow, Luminosity. The color and word are synonyms as yellow is known as the glow of all the colors. Holi is the festival of colors and the color yellow represents joy.

Holi is not just the festivals of colors, it is a day to welcome blooming flowers of spring. Spring is the day of the beginning of the sunshine. It is dull to imagine the world without the graceful color yellow.

The Traditional Roots of Yellow

Traditionally, in ancient India, when idols celebrated Holi, the colors were created from natural forests, herbs and plants. The purity of colours remained intact and the rituals of Holi were carried forward.

As a traditional color, yellow dominates the sacred wedding rituals. The color of Ubtan, the use of Genda flower to welcome happiness, the making of tilak applied and also the attire of traditional functions reflects the importance of yellow color.

As the history flows in the blood, the traditions, rituals and Ayurveda science also flows the knowledge and significance of colors to mankind.

The Ayurveda Ritual of the Colour Yellow

In Ayurveda, yellow is a color of rituals. The colour yellow is incandescent in its true sense.  According to Ayurveda, Yellow is Salubrious color, that promotes health benefits for your body. Yellow hoist your levels of energy & encourages communication.

To maintain the balance of spiritual, mental and physical structure within the human body. According to Ayurveda, Kapha is associated with the glowing color of Yellow.

Yellow is used as an Ayurvedic therapy to raise the level of energy, to increase the gleam in the eyes and to balance your dynamic personality with your natural tendencies.

The New Yellow Vogue

Apart from the ancient symbolism of the yellow color, the new vogue has something else to say. Yellow is one of the boldest colors to represent yourself. When you want to stand out, you pick the yellow to highlight yourself.

Modern society is not very different from the traditional roots of India. When we talk about yellow as a color for bold, it only represents a color to highlight your identity. Anything that represents glow, represents highlight. So our roots of the modern world are deeply connected with ancient education of colors.

So when you imagine the color yellow in your mind, it is absolutely brilliant to process it in your thought. Keep hold of that thought, your eyes will gleam.

Our Vogue is Yellow, what is yours?

The Rejuvenate & Hydrate Boosts Yellow

Rejuvenate & Hydrate appraise the importance and value of colors in totality, keeping in mind the traditional Ayurveda roots and modern demands of the environment. At R & H, the range of products are carefully crafted using modern science an Ayurveda knowledge.

Yellow is the color of the glow, and the natural ingredient Lemon symbolizes the true meaning of the traditional yellow color. Lemon is one natural ingredient that will always work on brightening, glow and clarity.

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